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How to Become More Creative - 5 Tips to Be More Creative

It's easy to be stuck in a rut and do whatever you do in the same way that you've always done it. It may have become a habit or a routine and you haven't stopped to consider if you really need to be doing it the same way you've always done it. Take a step back and think 'out of the box'. What does that mean? It means being more creative and here are 5 tips to do just that.

Embracing Writer's Block, Part 5: Emptiness Is Fleeting

I do something kind of unusual when I'm writing. (I know, shockingly enough.) I keep a journal of what I'm feeling and thinking when I'm faced with writer's block.

Ways to Be More Creative When You Are By Yourself

It's not always possible to be in a group or class situation because sometimes you want to access your creativity when you are on your own. Being alone and wanting to be creative can have its advantages so long as you are willing to try some or all of these techniques.

How Creativity Can Help You Problem Solve

When you feel stuck in solving a problem then it's helpful to be creative instead of throwing your hands up in despair. But how can creativity help you problem solve? it can help if you let go of your logical side and connect to the creative part of your brain instead.

Embracing Writer's Block, Part 4: We're Creative In Every Moment

There's a lot of advice out there about "how to be creative." On the surface, this sounds great - everybody wants to come up with useful and profitable ideas, right? But when I look more closely at this kind of advice, and what drives us to seek it out, I feel concerned. On one level, none of us needs to be taught how to create. In every moment, we're creating (or, at least, playing a part in creating) our lives. We're choosing where to go, what to eat, what to say in a conversation, and so on. We make many of these choices unconsciously, but that doesn't change the fact that we make them.

5 Ways to Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

Some people close down their creativity in an instant by a statement such as ' I can't draw' or 'I'm not good at painting'. Their statement may echo something they were told as a child by an unsympathetic school teacher, yet the message has stayed with them all their life.

Are You Creative? How to Deal With Criticism

The problem with being creative is your creativity. Being creative means you are thinking 'outside of the box.' You are attempting to come up with ideas and information which is outside people's normal experience in certain situations. You are attempting to produce something new and innovative and as a result you are very likely to receive criticism.

Improve Your Creativity By Trying Something New

Doing something different initiates changes in relation to changing your life, changing anything seems to have the effect of making it easier to change other things. Similarly with creativity, which is about thinking of something new or doing things you do on a regular basis in an innovative way, will be stimulated and improved when you are creative in a completely different way. For example if you want to be more creative and be able to paint in a new and exciting way but lack the incentive or ideas to do so then try a different craft...

Embracing Writer's Block, Part 3: The Creative Test of Faith

I used to believe that I shouldn't sit down to write unless I had a compelling vision of what I'd say. Unfortunately, this attitude was the reason why, for many years, I didn't do any creative writing. Sure, I wrote a lot, but only when somebody else (1) gave me a subject to write about and (2) was willing to pay me a bunch of money or give me a good grade.

Learning to Find Your Inner Child - A Route to Creativity

Have you ever thought about the child you used to be and how as you developed into adulthood that child inside you changed and evolved? Yet some of that inner child always remains inside you and if you wish to be more creative it can be a useful exercise to access that child again. The challenge about doing this is that for most people it is a sign of immaturity to do so-called 'childish' things and you will have been encouraged to let those childish aspects of yourself remain hidden and not accessed.
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