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How To Make Your Own Heaven

If you have ever read the poet John Milton, I suggest you do so after this article so that you can get the full gist of the meaning of what I am about to set down here. Every conscious being through their own thoughts, actions and what they project out into the world creates their own heaven or hell in life and existence.

The Serious Importance Of Developing Real Power

Perseverance, without matter to what it may entail, with total willingness is of utmost importance when developing real power. With that dramatic statement, I begin this article.

The Easiest Ways to Make a Big Difference

The way to start to make a big difference easily is persistent, persevering discipline with self made consciously used positive energy without let up. Now, sure that sounds simple in saying, but not simple in doing.

Mental And Spiritual Mastery At Work

Exercising the power of the mind and spirit comes down to this. Self programming is the law where mastery rests.

How to Overcome Bad Choices

Everyone is guilty of making inappropriate choices at times, based on bad information, stubbornness, or unwillingness to use critical thinking skills. There are several processing functions that can keep people from making the best choices that can be made.

The Grand How To On Entering The House Of Love

We all want to love our lives, am I correct? Well, think about this. If we foster feelings of love about our lives, we will generate that love in our lives about our lives.

What To Look For When Finding A Good Or Great Life

To put it in a word about this title, you are looking for fulfillment. But to each their own way of finding what to look for when looking for or finding a great or good life and existence.

The Many Qualities of a Successful Individual

A successful individual is the most powerful force for change and happiness on the face of the earth or in all of existence. A successful person achieves their goals no matter what they may be. Sure, success can be anything though, as long as it is a positively achievable ideal.

How To Get What You Want: Disciplined Mind Set

All it genuinely takes to get what you really want is a disciplined mind set. Song and dance routines may show you how, but you have to do it yourself to know how. Even George Gurdjieff showed that through his spiritual system. It all starts with deep thinking and shallow action, I will explain in the rest of the article.

Why Did I Say Yes? How To Unleash Your Inner 2-Year Old

Sometimes it seems like all you are saying is yes when really what you should be screaming from the hilltops is NO! That's right, the 2-year-old has it all over you. That toddler knows the power of no while you're still sitting there saying yes to everything and not having enough time to do the things you really need and want to do.
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