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The Power of Your Own Pleasure

"The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience" - Emily Dickinson

Under Pressure Or In Your Power, Your Choice

The Reality In The Mirror That We All See

When you choose to see the best, you get the best. When you choose to see the worst in a situation or yourself, you get the worst. We do not need to affirm and concentrate on the worst, no matter how bad it may seem. Because the person we have to blame for all rewards, and all penalties, is in the mirror.

How to Stop Dwelling on Things

You know the feeling: half your life seems to be like a flash back in the movies and you're always thinking about how life used to be. So how can you stop dwelling on things and move your life forward again?

Get Rid Of The Job Of Worry From Your Life

Do you want power? get the consciousness of power. Do you want peace? Get the consciousness of peace. What we have to do in our lives is get the consciousness first and we will achieve what we want ultimately, but there is a catch.

What You Must Do to Be Happy

Life is too short to spend much of it feeling unhappy. If you could increase your happiness life would flow more easily and you would feel more energetic, get things done and enjoy life much more. Without being happy most of the time you become despondent, sluggish, frustrated and bored with life.

What I Am Banking On

The best we can all hope for is the goal we really want to achieve, the achievement of what will make us genuinely happy, no matter what it is. To create our estimation of a winner is the genuine key for happiness for anyone.

Within Your Means As Well As Within Mine, The Genuine Generation Of Power

Genuine power is generated through patience, understanding and tolerance. It cannot be generated any other way, considering the nature of life and existence with its seeming imperfections. It can be near perfect at best, and totally imperfect at worst. But, make not a single mistake, the genuine generation of power is always possible through this seeming imperfection and near perfection, I will explain how.

The Release Of Good Feelings Into Your Life

For the good feelings of life, the brain has glandular secretions that feel good. Let me explain.

That Is Where It Is At

Happiness in life and total existence, that is where it is at. If it was not where it is at, then everyone would love sadness and the poor house.
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