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Taking Motivation to a New Level

Motivation comes in various forms, and one effective way there is to motivate someone is through a motivational person or speaker. These inspirational speakers serve as great motivators for other people as they share their interesting success and even failure stories.

5 Popular Australian Speakers in Different Fields

When it comes to motivation, a lot of us turn to people who have deep knowledge about their chosen fields. These people serve as inspiration for others who also aspire to get into their dream industry and profession. Get to know about 5 popular Australian speakers that are respected and notable in their various fields of expertise.

Using a Motivational Public Speaker or Life Coach For a Better Life

Many people today are looking for ways that they can improve their lives. Some are struggling with a variety of problems that lead them to seek the services of a life coach or will attend many appearances of various motivational public speakers to try to find paths to a better life.

Shawn Anderson – Motivational Speaker – Keynote Speaker – Inspirational Speaker

Today many different events call for a speaker to be invited and give a presentation. For some businesses, organizations and educational events, many times an inspirational or motivational speaker will be invited to be the keynote speaker.

Here Is the Foundation of Deep Spirituality for Life and Also When Life Is All Over Down Here!

When Almighty God does not do what we want, what are we to do? Many times over these past years people have come and asked me why their prayers are not being answered and there can be various reasons. How are we to pray, and go on praying? There is always one way to have your prayers answered and more speedily than some people wish. Ask if there is anything in your life that God does not like and have a piece of paper nearby to write down what comes into your mind. We do not have to understand everything all the time. That is an amazing conclusion to come to. We do not need to have all the answers to all the questions that those around us might fling in our direction.

Ecologists, Environmentalists and Hollywood Speak More About the End of the World Than the Church!

Encourage or comfort or fortify one another with these words. If there ever was a day when we needed strong encouraging words to fortify and fortress men and women it is today. Biblical prophecy is not to give us a fixation about a certain date, but that we might be ready for that all-important event. We hear quite a lot about Armageddon today, but do we hear that being taught in the church today, or do we hear it more frequently from politicians, and scientists and environmentalists and ecologists, or even from Hollywood? Our faith looks back to the Cross and our hope looks forward to His Coming, and we live in love right in the middle of these two events.

Times of Economic Recession, Depression, and Bankruptcy, Need Encouraging Words - Here They Are!

On every important spiritual matter this powerful and authoritative leader is so very clear and precise, and he answers so many of the questions that trouble and bother spiritual people today. It is always good to have a leader who knows what he is talking about. We like to listen to an expert in his field and Paul was a leading expert in his field of study and service. Encourage or comfort or fortify one another with these words. We have the most amazing Gospel to share with men and women and every word of it happens to be true.

Death and Resurrection and Meeting the Ascended Christ When He Returns Are All Explained So Clearly

In how many scenarios at work do people wonder what the leadership is doing and what decision the leadership is making? When this arose in Thessalonica, Paul clarified the situation by writing this important letter. Notice how he speaks about those who have fallen asleep in Jesus. In a sense that is your address after you die. What will it be like? It will be like what we do every night as we fall asleep. Our Christian Faith not only teaches us how to live, but how to die. There was a concern about saints who were dying. Believers in Jesus were dying before Christ had returned and Paul had taught then the truth that Jesus Christ was coming back. There is no mistake about that! But they got the time and the timing wrong. That frequently happens. Paul's teaching here is really a gracious kindness, and of course, not only is it a kindness, but it became part of God's truth.

Might We See This Happen in Our World Before the Return of The Lord Jesus Christ, The Son of God?

There are times when something happens and I have to refer to history. Only last week, my former history teacher at school died, and something else totally unrelated happened that made me turn to that period of history away back in the 16th Century. When things were really bad in the 16th Century, Martin Luther pinned ninety five theses to a church door in Germany and the resulting debate brought forth what we call the Reformation. Martin Luther was challenging basic errors and perhaps that is something we need to do more vociferously today. We have an amazing access to the Word of God in these days, with so many translations and most of them very good, but we hear that there has been a decrease and decline in the reading of the Word of God. When the Holy Spirit touches truth, just as He did in the 16th Century, reformation and renewal and revival can explode across the world.

Two Sentences Arising From One Word of Warning Could Save You From Years of Heartache and Pain!

How many in the high echelons of the business and banking and commercial world might have been saved heartache and suffering and pain and financial ruin if they had paid attention to these very simple but demanding instructions and directions from the book of Matthew and Paul's inspired and authoritative letter to the disciples of Jesus Christ at Ephesus? Last Friday which was the first of April I received an email newsletter which is normally of quite a high standard, but on Friday last it was full of stupid silly April Fool's nonsense. Now if people want to be involved in that, then that is up to them, but in a fairly serious newsletter this has caused confusion and bewilderment in many areas as it named specific people. Questions were being asked all over the place. What bothered and troubled me, was that it was an overtly Christian email newsletter and suddenly things became misleading and confusing.
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