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Mind Development

How to Live With Worries

The Power Of Mental Preparation

Mental movies, visualization or mental preparation through mental pictures, or whatever you want to call it is the most powerful modality to program the subconscious mind. Ten minutes of quickly and powerfully synthetic imagined experience is worth to the subconscious and super conscious mind what ten days worth of actual conscious experience is worth to the very same mind.

If I Imagine Success, Will I Achieve It?

What's your opinion? If my outlook on life is one of pessimism. If I drag myself around the place my head full of a really good idea, but because I've always failed in the past I'll fail again this time, do you think that by some miracle I'll suddenly make a roaring success of a venture I've just undertaken?

The Renewing Of The Mind And Spirit, In That Order

Exercise and work your mind and spirit, in that order and all else good will be added to you. Why exercise the mind first? Because you start from the beginning. Power always goes from down to up through renewal. Never sideways, or down unless you are using the power, then it needs to be renewed that way.

Thinking Upon The River Of Dreams

Dreams, they can tell you a little when you are conscious of them after a good night sleep, they can tell you a lot. But one thing is for certain, they are an interesting phenomenon, and powerful. They are more than just the subconscious mind clearing itself, I am convinced of that.

Brain Power Secrets - Becoming a Genius Through Dream Analysis

There are numerous things you do in life that suffocate your brain power because you are influenced by your animal tendencies. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams works like a natural doctor. Through dream interpretation, you learn how to transform your primitive conscience into human. This is how you'll become a genius, using your entire brain power. Let's suppose you saw the following dream: You are walking in an open field, and a dog is following you. Then, you find a mountain. You have to climb up the mountain, but the dog doesn't let you climb.

Thinking Calmly

Life is more and equivalent to the patience you have in it. If it was less, than every situation would call for immediate action without tact of any sort. Every situation requires tactful handling at some time, otherwise it would not be a "situation" in the genuine meaning of the word. I define a situation as something to be handled with logical, meaningful action which automatically includes at least some tactful behavior.

The Mental Computer And Its Programmer

We are our own computer programmers with our conscious mental functioning. With that said, I begin this article. Sure, life is a game in so many ways, but what we program our deeper minds to do is never a game because of the mechanisms involved in the whole process. The mechanisms involved, are the mind (meaning the conscious mind), body and soul (universal mind), and one cannot exist or work without the influence of the other. Let me explain that.

The Treasure Chest Article, A Thinking Tool

The reality of the situation is the ultimate treasure trove for power. People with their fantasies about the way things are create their own poverty. They bury their own bones.

How to Hugely Increase Your Brain Power

Study the dream language for a while with my dynamic method, and you'll have in your hands the key of knowledge. This powerful key will open many doors in your life. It will also open many doors inside your mind. You'll discover who you really are, and how to become a perfect human being. You'll use all your capacities and never make mistakes. You'll be able to make future predictions thanks to the information you'll have in dream messages. You will then improve your plans, depending on what you want to achieve in the future.
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