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Motivational Public Speaker, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

What is the most important element of any business? Many companies might say their bottom line, or the product or service they offer. Others will say their stockholders, or their investors.

Motivational Books and Self-help Books Can Lead to a Better Life

Competition for jobs today is fierce. This is especially true in tough economic times. For this reason, many people are on the lookout for new strategies that will help them build a better life.

Using the Fear of Failure to Motivate You

In most cases the fear of failure 'intimidates' people and this is why it can turn so many away from their intentions or goals! On the other hand this same fear can also help strengthen or renew your motivation as well! Read on to see how we can turn these fears into a source that will make getting motivated a relatively simple act!

How Being Self Confident Influences Success

Being self confident is just about a mandatory requirement for anyone seeking to become successful in any aspect of their lives! This is based upon the fact that the more successful people out there did NOT get that way by accident, but rather by their will and effort! Read more to see 3 ways your confidence leads to becoming more successful in both your personal and professional life!

Rekindling Your Motivation When Working Online

Your motivation is one of the single biggest assets you have as an internet entrepreneur and without it everything you do is more difficult! Working online places a lot of demands upon the individual since in most cases people tend to work alone. Read more to see 3 simple things you can do at those times you have lost motivation and the productivity you need to succeed online!

3 Common Obstacles to Online Success

Even though countless many have aspirations of achieving online success with some type of internet based business many sadly fall short of their goal! In the vast majority of cases the reasons many are not successful marketing their goods and services result from one or more of 3 common obstacles. Read more to see exactly what stops many from achieving their online dreams and how to overcome these barriers!

When You Feel No Motivation to Do Anything

Do something! Always think of ways you can further your life without matter to what it is. Read a book, think of any idea that is good. Do anything!

How to Stay Motivated at Work - Set Goals

When Success Takes a Turn For the Worse

You may be feeling despondent because you feel that your previous success has taken a turn for the worse and wonder what to do to get back on track and turn around the negative impact your drop in success is having on you. Success in something may not last forever so you will need to come to accept the effect of change and be able to deal with the emotions that brings.

How to Stay Motivated at Work - Take a Break

When your enthusiasm is waning and you are finding it difficult to maintain your concentration and motivation for work what can you do? You may find your mind wanders and your efficiency dwindles even though you know there are deadlines to be met and work projects to be completed.
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