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Personal Growth

Relationship and Career Advice for Over 45s

In midlife, many of us are settled into a routine. We have the same job that we've had for years, we live with the same partner, we buy the same brands at the supermarket every week, We're probably quite conservative when it comes to change. This may be absolutely right for many people. It could be completely wrong for others. If you aren't happy in your job, or your relationship, why do you stay? Why are you wasting so many hours of your life?

Why You Should Ignore the Casting Call of Life

We are all cast in a role by our family and friends, and we continue to play that role throughout our lives. It is not easy to stand up and be an individual, but we should try. We should always explore what is best for us, not what is best for those that raised us.

Why You Should Ask Why

Without asking why we do not learn. We should continue to ask why. Here is why.

How to Live With Refusal and Succeed

It is about time that we refused to believe the lies. It is time we began to refute the miseducation. In this short article, learn how to succeed by refusing to believe everything you were told.

Why Being Able To Communicate Well Is Vital For Change

Challenges In Finding Your Perfect Balance Between Medicine And Life

Doctor, Have A More Balanced Life

Why Life Skills Are So Important

Dealing With a Boring Life

Tips For Appreciating Life

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