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Spa and Wellness

Feeling a Bit Under the Weather With No Valid Reason?

Often times our own, personal wants and needs become low priority. Whether the reason is because of our fast paced society, or we simply do not have the energy; either way this is not a healthy way to live. See, the extended hours many of us put into work and other activities is time that could be better spend working out and improving our overall quality of life.

Traditional Steam and Infrared Saunas - Which Is Best For You?

Home infrared saunas, as well as traditional and steam saunas are becoming very popular as a way to detox the body. They have different humidity and heat levels so choose the one best for you.

10 Health Benefits of Home Infrared Saunas

Home infrared saunas are great for relaxation and recreation. However, the infrared sauna also has many health benefits - from improving circulation and releasing toxins to helping you lose weight.

5 Reasons For Buying A Spa Day Package

Do you go to a local spa occasionally or are you thinking of spoiling yourself in the near future? A massage or, even and a sauna makes a wonderful difference to how you feel that day and the feeling can last a number of days. You feel livelier, invigorated, up for anything that the world can throw at you.

How To Plan A Private Party At A Day Spa

Are you thinking of having a party? It could be a birthday party or an anniversary for yourself or a friend or it could only be because you want to have a party. Pool parties are great in the summer, but then, not everyone has a pool and it is not always summer, is it?

Are You One Of The Walking Unwell? Not Sick But Not Healthy Either

We live in a fast paced modern world and our personal needs are often put much lower down on the totem pole of priorities than they should be. Long hours, stressful environments, lack of exercise and poor food quality means our bodies are under pressure such as never seen before in the history of mankind.

If You Want Wellness You Will Have To Be Proactive

One thing we humans want is to be well and healthy. The definition of wellness is being in a state of good health, physically, mentally and emotionally and of being free of (and not at risk of) disease. This state of health is not something that happens without some effort though...

Water Purifying Systems: Simple Yet Terribly Important Devices

There is no denying that water is without a doubt important for life. From a physiological standpoint, humans are composed of about 60 to 70 percent of this life giving fluid. From the intracellular fluid which bathes the cell organelles to the vascular fluid of which blood is made of, water is ever existing.

Take Responsibility For Your Own Heath - No One Else Can Do It For You

There is a strange idea that permeates our culture and that is that the care of our health is the responsibility of someone else. It is believed that our doctor, the drug or insurance companies or the medical establishment are the ones that are responsible...

Do You Know What Wellness Means?

You hear a lot these days about wellness and some of us may wonder what exactly this term means. What constitutes wellness anyway? Is there a difference between health and wellness...
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