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New Age

God Is The Friend Of Silence Sounds Of Silence Deep Total

I am looking for God - the friend of silence Sounds of Silence deep total. Sounds of Silence deep Total is my Lord, my faith. I feel the end of life achieved while circulating through the silent sound of total silence of God. Sounds of silence inside Feelings become impulsive in me and I can feel it in a crowded area and before loud sounds of television

True Self Inside - A Strategy To Share My Experience Of The True Self

At the heart of the individual life is the true inner self. Wisdom of thought of individual life is based on seeing with our eyes, hearing with their ears, tasting of the tongue and the smell in the nose. With it the wisdom of thought of individual life understands and experiences the substance and forms of the world. Individual sense does not understand and experience informs subtle that is the home of true inner self. Wisdom of the mind can not experience the true inner self.

Praise and Worship of God - a Strategy for You to Understand Various Techniques Right

Praise and worship is the means of communicating with a sacred object, a god, a lord or the oneness of God. It is universal, the method of performing the rituals continue to diverge from different faiths. The technique of praise and worship are numerous and each is directed to different depths of the relationship with the Lord. Depending on the state of the transformation of the mind, the proper technique of praise and worship of God becomes the most beloved and refreshing to the mind.

Amazing resounding Eternal - Amazing is the eternal unity of God

Some people perceive it is the giver of life, others see that it is very close. Some perceive it is inside me, others see it as very decorative life. Many arguments for and against the existence of God has continued to be proposed and rejected by the different styles of human civilization.

What is the True Source of Truth? Where to Find the real source truth

Real source of truth cannot be one for all. It continues to change in a person with the development of thought and the awakening of consciousness. Real source of truth is influenced by faith and the depth of his practice and his dedication to his faith followed. The real source of truth lies in our inner self-consciousness which is eternal. Consciousness is dormant in the current state of selfishness and the degree of selfishness varies in individual persons. Real source of truth can not be achi

Conscience Vs Mind - A strategy for you to understand consciousness

Many academics, scientists and philosophers do not accept consciousness as there is nothing organic to conclude. They consider that the functions of the mind are all at the center of the physical body. Many other people perceive and accept as by faith. Rare is the pious person who has experienced it and love to live in its serenity.

What is Spiritual Knowledge? What is Religious, Arts and Science Knowledge?

At this new age, many intellectuals falsely claim to be experts in spiritual knowledge. Some believe that knowledge of scientific thought from religious texts to guide the religion or the scriptures as spiritual knowledge. Others continue to discuss with his knowledge of the experience or scientific knowledge taught in some universities.

Growth Stage Of Spiritual Development - To Help You Acquire Spiritual Wisdom And Spiritual Awakening

In first stage of spiritual development, wisdom of thought to be used to awaken Wisdom of interior. In second stage of spiritual development, wisdom of interior to be used to awakens consciousness in true God. In third stage of spiritual development, Life is purified with humility in the awareness. In stage four of spiritual development, Life is purified with divine karma account in court of True God unlimited.

Earth - Amazing Spiritual Gardens For Personal And Spiritual Growth

The Earth is an incredible spiritual Gardens temporary stay for different types of individual life experience spiritual progress and the effects of greed, attachment, hatred and fear. Many of the planets is air, water and soil mixed with fire, but unsuitable for growth, health, healing life formed. Many of the planets is air, water and soil mixed with fire for the growth, health, healing life formed, but not in form, spiritual nourishment and spiritual enlightenment of life formed.

How To Make Love To God?

Civilizations and religions, different languages have different names and symbols. Allah is the name most often used to make love in the true name of God in Islam. The Holy Trinity is the love in the true name of God in Christianity. To make love in the true name of God in Hinduism is Ishwara, ie driver Supreme Lord. To make love in the true name of God in Buddhism is the Four Noble Truths
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