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Danze Visualizza Porch rubinetti residenti per pop-up performances

Una compagnia di danza contemporanea a Toronto sta dando l'usanza di appendere fuori d'estate sotto il portico un giro unico.

Durante il fine settimana, Kaeja d'Danza presenta Danze View Porch, una serie di pop-up rubinetteria , le pay-what-you-can show che stanno trasformando i portici di una comunità del centro e cortili in fasi temporanee. Coreografo e troupe co-fondatore Karen Kaeja concepito l'idea in un sogno.

Tennis Anyone? Outdoor Fun in Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota's favorable climate means that those who love tennis can play almost all year long. There are many wonderful tennis clubs for residents to enjoy.

Open Air Dining in Sarasota

Sarasota is known for its open-air restaurants. From Bradenton to Venice, there are plenty to choose. Fans and misters keep patrons cool so they can relish the experience.

Circus City - Sarasota, Florida's Claim to Fame

"The Greatest Show on Earth" A movie that was actually filmed at the winter location in Sarasota. The film debuted at the Florida Theatre in 1952 and drew director Cecil B. DeMille, Charlton Heston, Betty Hutton, and Dorothy Lamour.

Fiesta on Siesta and Siesta Fiesta! A Great Time on Siesta Key, Florida

Hear more about two fun social events on Siesta Key, Florida. Fiesta on Siesta and Siesta Fiesta are two events that local Sarasota residents look forward to enjoying.

Top 2 Restaurants With Soul in Sarasota, Florida

Of course once your done with all the golfing and site seeing you'll need some food too, and luckily Sarasota has many great dining locations throughout. Even though there are many great dining locations through out Sarasota, the two most unique and cultured would have to be Marina Jacks and Troyer's Dutch Heritage. Troyer's Dutch Heritage is located on Bahia Vista road in the heart of the Mennonite and Amish central area.

Forget Fast Food and Try Sarasota-Style Cuisine

Everyone has to eat. Most everyone loves to eat. Sarasota can satisfy any craving you may have. There are restaurants that serve any cuisine you could want.

Come to Sarasota and Enjoy the Ride

You may think of motorcycle riders as rough, tough, tattooed guys in leather and chains. You couldn't be more wrong. Sarasota is home to countless riders, both men and women. Doctors, lawyers, and police officers alike, bikers are truly a different breed. When it comes to generosity and caring, they are unsurpassed.

Sarasota - A Well Kept Secret

Sarasota, Florida is a city for all ages. The population of Sarasota is about 52,000. This number increases dramatically during what we know as 'season', the time of year when northerners escape the cold winters and relax in the sunshine.

Top Three Historic Places of Sarasota, Florida

Most people initially think of Orlando and Tampa to be the most enjoyable destinations in Florida, but the real hidden treasure is south of them. Sarasota is the less known southern city, and while it doesn't have Disney or the Tampa stadium it redeems itself by being one of the more relaxing and less hectic cities of Florida.
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