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How Much Anchor Line Do You Need for Sailing Safety?

If you want to learn to sail well, you also need to be able to anchor the right way. And that means putting out enough anchor line--called "rode"--to make sure that your boat anchor digs deep into the sea bottom. Follow these five fast boat anchoring steps to learn just what you need for a safe, sound, worry-free night on the hook.

Seven Sailing Safety Gear Items You Need for Sailing!

If you are anything like me, you want to have the best sailing gear on your person--before you step aboard your cruising sailboat or racing sailboat. If you want to learn to sail like a pro, follow these easy tips. There are seven super important "must have" pieces of sailing gear you need before you step foot on any sail or power boat anywhere in the world.

Sailboat Diesel Engine Secrets - Keep These Killers Away From Your Costly Diesel Engine!

Like a thief in the night it creeps through your engine lines and works its way past the gate guards. Then it slides, slips, and slithers like a rattler into the belly of your engine. Waiting. Resting. And as soon as you push the starter button, it awakens and begins its relentless, merciless, life-sucking destruction. Don't let this happen to you this sailing season. Follow these easy 1-2-3 steps to combat this enemy once and for all!

How to Sail Like a Pro - Five Steps to Better Tacking When Short Handed

When you first learn how to sail, you had a lot of sailing crew to help you out. Tricky maneuvers like tacking or jibing were a snap. But what happens when you have to tack up a narrow channel all by yourself--singlehanded? If you want to learn to sail like a sailor, you'll want to practice maneuvers like this under sail! Follow these five easy steps on your way to master the art of short-handed sailing...

Learn to Sail Like a Pro - Seven Simple Steps for Sailboat Dinghy Safety!

When you first learn to sail, there's a lot of emphasis on sailing skills aboard the sailboat. But what about the dinghy? You may have an inflatable or rigid sailboat dinghy. Boarding or De-boarding the wrong way could result in injury, falling overboard, or loss of costly sailing gear. Pass along these seven simple steps to your sailing crew for their safety's sake!

How to Sail Like a Pro - Five Ways to Boost Your Skills Under Sail

Steve Colgate says that "To sail well is to have complete control over the sailboat at all times." Now, that's one phrase that pretty well sums it all up in a nutshell. In my mind "...complete control over the sailboat at all times" sets apart the sailor who knows the ropes and those that still have a lot to learn. And by the way, we aren't talking about engines here--but sails alone. So keep that noisy, stinky engine off and practice these five easy exercises aboard your sailboat to wow your friends and elevate your sailing skills like never before!

Learn to Sail Like a Pro - Is Your Personal Grab Bag Packed and Ready?

If you want the learn to sail like a pro, you will want to step aboard a sailboat with one piece of sailing gear that many sailors ignore--at their own peril! No one likes to think of having to leave a sailboat in the middle of a cruise--whether in an emergency or for personal reasons--but it happens. Prepare now to avoid hassles and headaches later!

Docking a Boat Secrets - How to Approach With an On-The-Dock Wind

If you are anything like me, docking a boat can get a bit dicey with a howling, 15-20 knot wind blowing onto a dock, pier, seawall, or into your boat slip. So how do you best control your boat? One little-known method gives you a lot more control that the old method. Here are five steps that put you in command

Learn to Sail Like a Pro - Use a Boat Anchoring Snubber for Better Sailing Safety!

Did you know that there's a simple device you can use in boat anchoring that can take the strain off your costly deck cleats and anchor windlass, save your hull from scrapes and gouges of anchor chain, and make for a quieter night "on the hook?" Read on to learn about one of the most underused pieces of anchor gear on boats today.
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