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One of the most tips for a very high investors is many of them found a market and stayed with it and incredibly didn't deviate much. Buffett has his way, louis vuitton bags uk, Templeton had his, Lynch his, O'Neil his . . .. Maybe yours is sitting back collecting cash from rather unexciting seeming dividend stocks.

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'Project Runway' Season 10 finale: 8 designers show


  In case there was any doubt that it's Fashion Week in New York, a glance around Lincoln Center reminds. Here, the usual skinny -- social X-rays who attend opera and ballet by night -- are replaced by the fashionista skinny, models who look as if they not had a good meal in, well, years.

  Tourists line up, cameras poised. More proof that "Project Runway" remains a phenomenon in its 10th season is how hot this ticket is, how many layers of security even invited guests go through and how many fans wait outside, just for a glimpse.

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