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Celebrating New Year at the Greek Island of Rhodes

Every year January 1st is acclaimed with abundant joy and activity in Rhodes Island. Humans of Rhodes delay for this day as it is not alone Protohronia (New Year) for them but aswell the day of St. Basil. Children of all ages are agog to get ability from Saint Basil. Rhodes Island carries its own acceptation of New Year and abounding altered traditions and celebrations are associated with it.

Celebrating New Year in Rhodes provides the adventitious to acknowledge the ability and traditions of this place. All over the island, altered celebrations and firework shows are arranged. In adjustment to accomplish your Rhodes Holidays appropriate during New Year, the affairs for this mega accident starts in advance.


When it comes to Rhodes Island, there is consistently something absorbing every year. Here you can adore aces moments and accomplish outstanding memories of your Rhodes Holidays. Humans greets the beginning year with absolute delight. According to a tradition, any boy or babe called Vasilis receives ability and wishes. Churches and monasteries called afterwards Vasilis plan appropriate celebrations.

New Year's Eve Block - Vassilopita:

Also referred to as the Feast of Saint Basil, acid New Year's Eve Block is one of the oldest traditions in Rhodes Island, Greece. A bread is placed central the cake. The arch of the abode cuts the block and gives slices to all associates of the family. Whoever gets the allotment accepting bread is believed to accept a advantageous year. So do not overlook to cut the New Year's Eve Block with your ancestors during Rhodes Holidays.


Greeks accept that lots of acceptable affluence is associated with New Year. Therefore, humans accede it advantageous to gamble. No amount they win or lose, they accumulate on bank all day long. Following the tradition, they accumulate about a table covered with blooming acquainted and play cards on it. Card arena and rolling the dice accept become added like a custom in Rhodes.

Filling of vessel:

As a allotment of age-old New Year traditions in Rhodes, humans abandoned a barge of baptize and again ample it with beginning water.

Parties and added celebrations:

In adjustment to accost the New Year, abounding hotels and restaurants align appropriate New Year parties. Similarly, celebrations yield abode in confined and cafes. Appropriate bright evenings and agreeable nights are arranged. These parties alpha at mid night and endure till the morning.

New Year Carols:

New Year carols are a have to in Rhodes. Kids appointment houses in their adjacency while singing Kalanda and greeting them with New Year wishes. The home owners accord baby ability or money to those kids.

Greetings and Gifts:

New Year ability play a basic role in New Year celebrations. Humans use to accost their baby ones and barter ability with them. There are a amount of New Year eve songs, which humans sing and address to their abreast and baby ones on this occasion.

Rhodes Holidays promises abundant amusement opportunities abnormally during New Year. No amount you are advancing with your friends, family, and accomplice or alone; this admirable Island will accommodated all your anniversary desires and accomplish it a admirable New Year for you.

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