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  • The Time for Hydrogen Cars is Now
    2006-05-24 11:33

    With rising fuel costs, increased demand for oil, dwindling reserves, it is essential that a serious effort be made to reduce dependency on oil. Hydrogen technology, though not in its desired form, already exists to start making a dent in this dependency.

  • Days of Darkness (AD 535-AD 546)
    2006-05-24 10:19

    We take the sun for granted. It is expected that the sun will rise, but what would happen if it didn't rise for a prolonged period of time. Such a moment existed starting in 535 AD.

  • The Business of Publishing
    2006-01-05 10:09

    The truth about publishing is really stranger than fiction and the truth is: getting published is only half the battle. The other half is to keep your reality check in balance so it doesn't bounce.

  • The Blog Factor: Everything You Need to Know to Start Blogging - Today!
    2005-12-28 10:15

    Another reason blogs matter is that they are interactive and, if you blog on your book's topic, it will help to further your expert status on a particular issue. And if you can get into a good blog that's seeing a lot of traffic, you can really start to gain some exposure for your book.

  • Seven Secrets of Writing a Book that Sells
    2005-12-28 10:14

    Ensuring the success of a book is something even the biggest publishers have never been able to guarantee. Mitigating circumstances, flash trends, and world events will all affect buyer preferences. That said, there are still ways to leverage the sales-factor in your favor and here's how you do it.

  • Publicity from Thirty-Thousand Feet
    2005-12-28 10:13

    Sketching out your marketing campaign will give you a chance to see what's been leveraging you results and what hasn't. Keep in mind that some things like bulk sales and national media might take longer than other items so you'll want to keep putting forth effort toward those long-term goals.

  • Get Your Book Done-Now!
    2005-12-28 09:43

    A big part of my job as a book marketing specialist is to help people create something they can actually market: a finished book. Many of us have ideas aplenty but not a clue how to get them down on paper.

  • Home Sellers - Advertising Won't Directly Sell Your Home
    2005-12-20 16:29

    Find out the real reason Realtors advertise homes. Advertising rarely is the sole reason a home sells.

  • What Color is Your Business?
    2005-12-07 10:40

    Studies show that shapes and colors affect people in different ways. Use them properly in your company logos, ad copy, and website and you'll beat the competition.

  • Long-range Weather Forecasting with Astrology
    Ken Paone
    2005-11-10 14:42

    Astro-meteorology, the ancient science of long-range weather forecasting by the planets, is one of the greatest proofs that the inanimate world responds to planetary stimuli. As old as astrology itself, this thrilling branch of celestial knowledge is still being used today for this very purpose.

  • Is "Anaerobic Exercise" a Myth?
    2005-11-10 10:18

    This article provides some very basic information on anaerobic exercise and argues the very real possibility that this form of exercise according to the given definition, simply does not exist.

  • For Signs and Seasons
    Ken Paone
    2005-10-28 08:18

    Besides inspiring faith in God, what other practical purpose do the heavenly bodies serve? You may be surprised!

  • November 2005: Weather Forecasts for Weather Traders
    Ken Paone
    2005-09-28 12:30

    Weather systems have wreaked havoc lately. Check out the long-range weather forecasts for November 2005.

  • Immigration
    2005-09-26 08:03

    A short essay describing the conditions, the causes, and the other important information on those who immigrate.

  • July 2005: Hurricane Forecasts for Weather Traders
    Ken Paone
    2005-06-28 19:42

    Check out the long-range hurricane outlook for July 2005.

  • So You Want To Have A Website
    2005-04-27 09:03

    Businesses of today need an internet presence to show they are legitimate

  • The Best and Worst of April's Weather
    Ken Paone
    2005-03-26 06:28

    The 17th century astronomer and discoverer of the planetary laws of motion, Johannes Kepler, left us a long-range weather forecast method that would be of benefit to us today. Included are forecasts for April 2005 based on this method.

  • But My Business Doesn't Need A Website!
    2005-02-26 20:45

    People have come to expect businesses to have a compelling website even if the business does not offer products that can be purchased on-line. Potential customers are likely to browse for information about products and services before they make a...

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