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The Crime in New Jersey

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Crime is present everywhere from the start, there is no place onthis world where one can say that there is no crime. Criminals are present in every city, valley, country, the only difference is the extent of the crime rates, and that is, in some place the crime rate is high while in the other it is quite low.Therefore crime prevails in New Jerseytoo; however, the number of violent crimes in New Jersey has decreased in the last fifteen years. The graphs drawn to show crime rates, show that, the number of murders that took place in the city in 2007 was way less than the one that took place in the previous historyof the city. New Jersey faced the worst crime rate duringthe 1980s and the early 1990s when the crack epidemic took place here, hence a large number of gangs came in tobeing and illegal firearms became common.The crime rate after early 1990 dropped quickly, and in the following years, even when the crime rate increased it never reached that peak again.

There is no solid reason known by the experts so they assume that the crime rate decreased due to the end ofcrack epidemicand various demographic changes that took place.It was in the 1820s when the city’s biggest gangs like forty thieves and the Roach Guard were found, however till then to let the people know about these crimes and the corruption of old law enforcers, the New Jersey Herald was started by, James Gordon.The newspaper played an important part in building a new police force in the 1844 by uncovering the corruption in the police department in the year 1841. After that the riotsthat broke out in the city in 1863, 1870, and 1874 were all suppressed by the new police force.The early 20th century witnessed many criminal organizations still among all of themmafia was the most feared and the powerful criminal organization present in the city.After 1990 to 1993 the crime rate in the city dropped steadily as the crack epidemic came to an end and the police department took control of the situation in the city.

After 1993 till 2002 the crime rates continued to decrement and the reason for this was that the number of police officers was increased and along with that they were given more power and they succeeded in capturing many of the major gangs.Since the 19th century the lowest crime rate was achieved in 2005 and by the end of 2006 a new law was passed by the government which allowed only the registered people to have guns. Moreover a plan for extensive roadblocks and installation of web of camera waslaid in the following year with the purpose of keeping a check on the criminals within the city to control the crime. In 2007 the number of homicides wasjust 494 but in 2008 the number of homicides increased to 523. In 2009 there was a decrease again to only 466 homicides and this was the lowest crime rate in the history of New Jersey, as in 2010 till now there has been rise in the number of crimes again.

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