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Rockets open conference Asik introduced



The rockets at Toyota center for 7 feet long formal, held a news conference there, introduces the morey was called "the future build team cornerstone" post specialist. In the press conference, there is a new season, show will be wearing 3 of the shirt.

In fact, in there to show his o no. 3 shirt, before the bull choose to give up matching right before, even in the rockets began chasing o before there, there have been looking forward to o may one day be a start. With the bulls, for two seasons as NuoA substitute, to join the rockets gave him the chance to, the rockets vice President Sam-XinKe say they are there, coveted.

"For me, to join the rocket is a major opportunity," said there said, "to me, everything will be different, in Chicago when I start playing the few opportunities, but I think that I will do everything I can to train hard, trying to adjust quickly."

Last season, there is, is averaging 14.7 minutes, contribution 3.1 points and 5.7 rebounds, his strengths are in defence, previously McHale morey, in an interview, there are praised the defense. But there is, that he still has many offensive skills not show, he plans to burnish his offensive skills further.

"I know, now it seems I attack is my weakness, but I believe I can improve my ability to attack," there is confident o said, "every day I in the effort, in Chicago I didn't show much attack ability, I only in accordance with the requirements of their players, is defence. I'm sure I can improve their ability to attack. Very happy with McHale, his coach cooperation low post is a legend, I think I can learn from him, stronger."

The rockets XinKe vice chairman for the team, can bring in there are very excited, he said: "we believe that, as there is such, 7 feet center is already scarce varieties, he is a great help, he is an excellent basket, on both ends of the guardian in he can challenge rebounds, career he has proved that, whether in the European club, or Turkey,or a national team in the past two years in Chicago. In this league, have proved that I can affect the game where young center really is too little."

The new season, there is almost sure, will become the rockets, and is one of the five starts, this means that he's playing time will boom, the pressure will surge,Vibram Five Fingers Salehe must make the adjustment and adapt to the starting position. There do not fear, o the challenge, he said, "in fact, when I landed in NBA, my goal is to become a starter, very happy my goal to realize the......."

"I think he has a chance in this outbreak in, his ability to adjust good, rookie season he experienced European basketball Nike air max 1 to the change of the NBA basketball, he is an excellent rookie. And this year he has made a great progress on both ends, he was excellent rebounder, he is born to help ace, to be able to stop rivals Cheap Nike Shoes breakthrough in this league impact a basket, no too many people to reach his level." XinKe said.


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